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    Nokia N97 - future firmware

    Perhaps this is not the right place to give "voice" to my thoughts and experience feed-back. I´ll try anyway.
    Things that i think should be corrected and added to the new firmware for Nokia N97.

    The firmware 2.0 seems already quite good, putting the phone in a new level. Close to be a real Symbian flagship.
    Nevertheless i think there are still some things that could be added and tuned such as:

    -The rolling contacts in the nokia 5530 should also be added as a widget to the home menu of the N97 (it´s a great function)
    -Possibility of use virtual ram memory, taking advantage of the huge mass memory.
    -More video codecs and audio codecs.
    -Faster web browser
    -Skype integration and full integration of SIP calls (very important in my opinion)
    -More widgets variety - Voip, news and social networks.
    Skype and msn messenger
    Linkedin and other professional networks.
    -Easy access to the applications menu / folder in the home screen.
    -remote access to the virtual network / webspace.
    -lighter themes and more effects transitions.

    In my honest opinion i think this would help to make the N97 a really great phone. After all, this is the Nokia´s flagship and also the most expensive phone (excluding the luxurious models).

    Thank you.

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    Re: Nokia N97 - future firmware

    Your suspicion is right, this is not the right site for such feedback. Please try http://www.nokia.com/discussions, the end-user discussions forum.
    -- Lucian

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