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    How to split the Qt library

    Dear All,

    I believe that in order to run your Qt application on your device, you need to install several sis file on your mobile device. However, the Qt libs is really big which is over 8MB. Does anyone know how to split the Qt library?

    It is a problem for the some of the end users who run Qt application, they need to download such a big file and install it before they can enjoy the Qt world!

    I wish someone can tell me how to create the sis file which only contains the necessary librarys that the application needs.

    By the way, for the coming mobile phones, do they have Qt library already installed?

    Thanks in advance,
    Zhengtao Zhang

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    Re: How to split the Qt library

    Qt for S60 is a technology preview, it's not ready for commercial applications. As Nokia bought Trolltech I believe the next devices from Nokia will come with Qt libs pre-installed.

    And answering your question I don't think you can split the Qt lib installation.
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    Re: How to split the Qt library

    Hi cabezonxdg,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Do you actually mean that the application I built cannot be distributed for commercial purposes? There is no such certificate that I can buy in order to distribute the Qt for S60 applications?


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    Re: How to split the Qt library

    Right, ATM you cannot buy such a certificate. You have to wait until the final release.

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