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    I need help on USSD

    I need to program to make my phone to send USSD request automatically from time to time. I searched this
    website and found out there was a phone client USSD API which was an SDK API Plug-in package for S60 3rd
    Edition, Feature Pack 2 and it could realize USSD feature and there was an example.

    So I tried the example, looks like it worked well on emulator, I saw the similar "requesting ..." on the cell
    phone(of the emulator) and this is just like on a real phone when I dialed a USSD. When I installed the app on my N91, it does not work. Is it because my N91 phone is built on S60 3rd Edition not on S60 3rd Edition FP2? If it is the case, I need a new test cell phone --an S60 3rd Edition FP2 cell phone, right?

    Besides, I don't know what capabilities I should choose, I choosed all the capabalities that I could--LocalServices Location NetworkServices PowerMgmt ProtServ ReadDeviceData ReadUserData SurroundingsDD SwEvent TrustedUI UserEnvironment WriteDeviceData WriteUserData. Are those capabilities sufficient for USSD feature?

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    Re: I need help on USSD

    if you really can run it in a emulator, you could check the epocwind.out for any platsec warnings identifying any missing capabilities.

    anyway, you could also send USSD messages with AT commands.

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