I'm coding for the Nokia N95 8GB using the following IDE's:
Carbide.c++ v2.0
Visual Studio 2005 Pro with Carbide.vs v3.0.1

In ..Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\Epoc32\Data\epoc.ini the following line exists, allowing more than enough space on the simulator:
MegabytesOfFreeMemory 32
In my .mmp file I have put the following as I require roughly a 2MB heap:
EPOCHEAPSIZE 2000000 2000000
In Carbide, emulator and device builds respond to the command, giving me a 2MB heap.
In Visual Studio, the command is ignored and I still receive the default 1MB heap. Why?

This feels a lot like a previous unresolved problem I've had concerning VS and the .mmp file, see this thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=169036

Help! Is there any way to get VS to obey the mmp file commands?