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    N85 disconnecting

    i have nokia maps 2 and evriting is ok till i lock my keypad or pone go in screensaver mode then i lost gps connection . in left cornet shows a blue box wich"Locinfo Foreground"

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    Re: N85 disconnecting

    If the application sees the phone as not being in use it will stop querying for data in order to save battery power. As for that blue pop-up it is a diagnostic message which you should not be seeing unless your phone is specially configured for application development (or you have installed an app developed by a clumsy developer).

    Now, this is a problem that has nothing to do with this site. At Forum Nokia we're concerned with developing new applications and not with how existing Nokia products work. You should be able to get proper info and support from http://maps.nokia.com (look for the Support link down that page)
    -- Lucian

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