I am writing application in which i am writing file below is the code
RFile file ;
RFs fsSession ;
fsSession.Connect() ;
TBuf8<100> data;
TInt err=file.Open(fsSession,_L("C:\\myfile.txt"),EFileWrite) ;
if (err==KErrNotFound) // file does not exist - create it
err=file.Create(fsSession,_L("C:\\myfile.txt"),EFileWrite) ;
data.Copy(_L("abcwpuhgehhj")) ;
file.Close() ;

when i run this code in emulator then code is working fine and myfile.txt created and i can see in path


I want to know what happens if i install this code to N-96 mobile ..i am not able to know whether my application is running or not ?
where will it create myfile.txt in device ?

Thanks & Regards