I guess I just want to push some steam out of my system.
the ovi store is by far the worst I've seen in terms of the way it works for both users and customers.
the reports not showing for days is just a symptom I think, the whole infrastructure below seems bad and non functional.
we've tried to change the price on our products, this was I think two weeks ago, the price change action turned out to put our products into
pending QA (!@$#$), not sure for what reason. no update has since been made in our account to reflect the price change, and we are still in pending QA status. however, it seems that the products are on sale (for the old price). I'm saying seem because the only way to get to our products is by searching (not ovi search, GOOGLE search). our products have been on sale for over a month but they cannot be found in any way in the ovi store search, not through the product name, not the company name and not any other term you can think of.
moving on, the support, we've tried emailing the ovi team many many times, sometimes we even got a reply, not that it was helpful, it always seems like a reply from someone that is not a real part of the technical team, "I'm looking into your question", most of our questions are very very simple (because we've learned that the simple things you have in other catalogs simply don't work here),
in any case, with many many years of publishing in mobile portals, including the infamous AppStore from apple, we've never experience such issues,
I don't think ovi is ready for the market and the time frames they work in are simply unacceptable.

As i said, had to get some steam out of my system,