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    [moved] Carbide shows grey code

    Hi everybody,
    I have a strange problem and I think I need some help. I have an application in s60 3rd Ed that uses Browser Control API and an HTTP Request. Suddenly it stopped working with a Panic ViewSrv 11 and since then my code appears in grey color. I tryed to go back to a previous version that worked fine and the same! code appears in grey color and when I try to run application on emulator it crashes with a Panic ViewSrv 11.
    I know Panic ViewSrv 11 occurs when an application has locked up for a number of seconds, but has no sense because happends even using a backup version of the application that worked fine
    When I try to run the app in a real device it works fine, so I think there is something wrong with Carbide (v2.0)
    I don´t know what`s happening. Any idea, please?
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