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    disable auto-rotation of display

    Currently when the device is roated, the widget automatically changes between landscape and portrait display. Our app is not intended to be displayed in landscape orientation, and thus we'd like to have it always display in portrait view.

    in other words we want to have nothing happen when the user rotates the device between horizontal and vertical.


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    Re: disable auto-rotation of display

    Hi wildabeast,

    take a look at the widget setDisplayLandscape() and setDisplayPortrait() methods.


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    Re: disable auto-rotation of display

    Thanks Pit. I did see those, and that is my current implementation, calling those functions in the onresize event. However this does cause a momentary screen flash when it is called (the first time only), so I wanted to see if there was a way to simply disable the auto-rotation rather than react to it.

    But this solution does work so thanks!

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