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    Smile console exe global variable?

    how to do a global variable in a console exe of 3rd?


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    Re: console exe global variable?

    Read this in SDK.

    Symbian OS v9.4 » Symbian OS guide » Essential idioms » Static data

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    Re: console exe global variable?

    Even if you create simple default console exe application, it will create code with global variable console. Use of global variable is not recommended symbian, so try to go with singleton class.

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    Re: console exe global variable?

    A lot of people misunderstand or misquote global data or don't realize the reasons behind the use of it and thus paint every situation with the same brush.

    Ask yourself, or find out, exactly what the reason is/was why global static data was not recommended, now ask yourself if that is applicable in this situation.
    Its ok to create a a global variable in the console exe. How to do it, just declare it a global level. Have you tried something and its not worked?
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