Hi All,

My Actual Problem:
I am trying to create local SMS and i did it, but here i want to set SMS type something different, so that it can display "?" mark Icon in Inbox and it can not open.
I know that, this "?" icon only display, when MTM does not recognise the SMS type, so can i do this.
I have also played with SMS PDU, but unfortunately did not get any success.
Can any one guide me on this.

For this problem i got a hint "TMsvEntry::iBioType",and i did it by my own Bio type UID,but here i got the result different from my expected result.i did it like ,
and the result is like,
1:Icon changed from normal icon to something different icon(something like GPRS settings message Icon),but not to "?" icon.
2: message still having "Messagwe Details" option in option menu and can be listen by "listen option"(i don't want both).
so i missed anything here, or i have to do anything more for expected result.