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    What's the meaning for the "diaglog" flags?

    I got the rss file from the book "Developing Series 60 Applications A Guide for Symbian OS C++ Developers", sample code "SimpleDlg", I comment out the flag option one by one, but not found much difference. Esepcially the EEikDialogFlagModeless which is stressed in the book.

    Can anybody give me some clue?

    flags= EEikDialogFlagFillAppClientRect;
    // EEikDialogFlagNoDrag |
    // EEikDialogFlagNoTitleBar |
    // EEikDialogFlagFillAppClientRect;
    // EEikDialogFlagCbaButtons;
    // EEikDialogFlagModeless;

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    Re: What's the meaning for the "diaglog" flags?

    Every flag has some meaning:

    EEikDialogFlagFillAppClientRect;// your dilaog will be shown in app rect
    EEikDialogFlagNoDrag | //Drag feature on touch device will not work
    EEikDialogFlagNoTitleBar |// title bar of dilaog will not show up

    // EEikDialogFlagCbaButtons;// cba buttons
    // EEikDialogFlagModeless;//The dialog does not grab the pointer, and it is not added to the control stack (so it cannot receive key presses).

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    Re: What's the meaning for the "diaglog" flags?

    Unfortunately some of the SDK-s do not contain the related documentation, but it is available in the Developer Library (Docs section above, Documentation, Symbian C++), just search for any of the flags.

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