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    Use WiressToolkit2.0 to send SMS to N3650 emulator.


    I'm using Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.0 to test my SMS program. I can send SMS by the "Utilities-WMA Console". And I wanna now to transfer the program to Nokia 3650, the problem I met is that I can't find any features in Nokia 3650 emulator can test SMS (I mean send SMS). Anybody can tell me how to test SMS in Nokia emulator ? :-)

    I've a thinking. Can I send SMS from Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.0 to Nokia 3650 emulator ? Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.0 can let me fill in client no to send SMS. But I don't know how to obtain the no of Nokia 3650 emulator.

    Please give me some advices. Thanks.

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    Nokia S60 SDK does not support this kind of feature so you have to test it in real device.

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