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    Hi, how can I copy pictures from 7650 to 6610 using the IR? It doesn´t work. It connects but it doesn´t copy. Thanks.

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    Phase to phase approach :-)

    Dear developer,

    What you should try is....
    a) Copy pictures from your Nokia 7650 to PC/lapptop using IrDA (or what ever)
    b) Use PC Suite v5.01 to transfer picture to your 6610 using IrDA

    This should work. I have noticed same kind of problems with some of the models. If you don't have this PC Suite 5.xx you can get it from:

    There you can found for example applications like: Nokia application installer, Nokia Image Converter, Nokia Content copier and Nokia PC Graphics/Composer etc. to use what ever content you are managing / distributing.

    Best Regards,
    Hanttila / Forum Nokia

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