I got an email request from Ovi team to change language distribution of some content to "neutral" for some languages.
I see no such setting option under the distribution tab.
Since I don't exactly understand what to do, but maybe many you also received this, I copy the request here.
If someone knows the trick, please share!

The mail:

We have reviewed your language distribution for your content items below. Please update the language distribution as indicated to ensure that the content will properly appear in Ovi Store. If you have already made these changes, please disregard this message.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us on the Ovi Store publishing tool support page or at the email address above.

Thank you,

Ovi Store Publisher Support

1) check to ensure changes to the language distribution are needed
2) unlock content item
3) go to the distribution and make the changes as indicated below
4) relock content item

NAME LINK TO FILE Current Language Distribution Correct Language Distribution
MicroPinball - Casino https://publish.ovi.com/download_items/show/4913 Simplified Chinese Neutral
MicroPinball - Casino https://publish.ovi.com/download_items/show/4913 Chinese Hong Kong Neutral
MicroPinball - Casino https://publish.ovi.com/download_items/show/4913 Chinese Taiwan, Traditional Neutral