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    Question Symbian API to access facebook

    My Environment: I am working on N97 (S60 5th Edition, Symbian 9.4)
    My Understanding: I can create a widget( Say, i have created for facebook)at phone's home screen using S60 class->APIs.
    My Requirements: From my application i would like to access facebook social networking site using Symbian / s60 APIs.
    My Queries:
    1) Does Symbian, S60 provide any API to access( upload image, send message...) the facebook directly from application ? if yes please provide details ( APIs, example...)
    2) Does facebook have some well defined XML to access the data so that we can access using HTTP:get
    3) Any other mechanism to retrieve / update data to facebook from my S60 application?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Symbian API to access facebook

    you would need to check Facebook for the APIs they are offering really. Then you could check the HTTP example for accessing it, provided of course that they would provice some HTTP GET/Post interface.

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    Re: Symbian API to access facebook

    You can try searching for facebook using the search box on the left.
    1) not really, you will get sockets/HTTP API-s, XML parser only
    2-3) note that facebook has its own developer pages

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