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    Reading contacts from SIM in the 6510, using VB6 and SDK 3.0

    Below is an excerpt of the code I've used to read contact information from the SIM memory in the 6510:

    Public Phonebook3 As PhonebookAdapterDS3.IPhonebook3

    Dim intLocation As Long
    Dim pMaxAmount As Long, pFull As Long, pFraction As Long
    Dim pIContact2 As IContact2

    Phonebook3.SetMemoryInUse PHYS_MEM_SIM '-(1)

    Phonebook3.GetMemoryCaps PHYS_MEM_SIM, LOG_MEM_DEFAULT, pMaxAmount, pFull, pFraction

    Set pIContact2 = Phonebook3.GetContact(MODE_FIRST, KEY_LOCATION, PHYS_MEM_SIM, LOG_MEM_DEFAULT, intLocation, "")

    I used line (1) to set the default memory to SIM. However, this causes the phone UI to display only contact information from the SIM (and not the phone memory).

    In the end, I had to reset the phone settings in order to view both memories through the phone UI.

    If anyone could tell me how to:
    A. set the default memory without screwing up the phone UI, OR
    B. restore the previous memory setting (through the PC) after using line (1),

    I would be most grateful.

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    You can use the GetMemoryInUse method and store the value.
    It is used in the Phonebook Settings sample also.
    Hopefully it helps.

    Best regards,

    Forum Nokia

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    Exclamation Re: Reading contacts from SIM in the 6510, using VB6 and SDK 3.0

    Hi All,

    I want to read contacts from SIM memory for S60 3rd edition VB6.Did anybody suceed in implementing the above given function.Iam not able to understand the above code.So if anybody have implemented sucessfuly please send me your code.


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