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    Angry E71 theme background not working

    Using CarbideUI theme edition v3.4, I created a new theme and changed the idle background, using the same image (1280 x 1024) with three different file formats (.jpg, .bmp, .png).

    In all three cases, the carbide UI showed the image file I wanted in the background. However, when I built the .sis file and transfered it to my phone (E71), after selecting my downloaded theme, all I see is a solid white background. I also changed a few text colors and they ARE working, so I know for certain that a .sis file was created and downloaded successfully.

    Can anybody explain this? What am I doing wrong?


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    Angry Re: E71 theme background not working

    Update - apparently background is working, in the sense that the backgound in the downloaded .sis file is no longer the default. But it's all white, instead of the image I see (and want) in the Carbide UI.

    Where does the E71 plugin come into play in all of this? I have verified that the E71 plugin is installed (preferences) but I cannot find ANYWHERE in the carbide UI where one can select it, either at theme creation time or .sis file creation time. Shouldn't the E71 layout/interface be selectable at some point in this process? Can't find it anywhere! Help?

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