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    N82 Wlan connection problem

    i have a lil confusing problem with the wlan of my N82.
    The thing is:
    i have a Netgear router and i could allready connect with my N82 to it and surf through internet or use other applications which needed internet connection.

    But now i have no idea why i can't connect anymore to it.
    other Wlan spots work too only the one at home (netgear) doesn't work

    my N82 finds the wlan and when i type in the password it trys to connect.
    after that it shows me a message "no connection. Wlan not found".
    but that can't be true !!! i have 3 of 3 bars signal !!!
    i allready tried a hard-rest, a soft-reset and i did firmware update to the lates one without success.
    i put out the memory card and restarted my phone and still no connection.
    i don't know what esle to do :P

    so please if anybody knows a solution help me

    thx in advance

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    Re: N82 Wlan connection problem

    Solved !!! huh
    solution: router reset ...

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