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    Question Emulator opens and terminates immediately


    I'm using:
    Windows 7, 64 Bit
    Eclipse 3.5.1 with the EclipseME Plugin
    S60 5th Edition SDK v1.0

    I just started working in JavaME and at the moment I've got problems with the emulator.

    I started with the HelloWorld Application and a few hours ago everything worked fine.
    But now the SDK stops at "Connect to Agent", the emulator opens and terminates itself after a few seconds.

    When I open the emulator alone, it's the same thing, it opens and terminates after a few seconds.
    I already reinstalled the SDK.

    Does anybody know a solution?


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    Re: Emulator opens and terminates immediately

    Are you getting any error..

    Read this post may be you wil get some help

    dont lose hope

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    Smile Re: Emulator opens and terminates immediately

    hi frnd,

    try this solution also
    first start your emulator completely and then run your application after emulator has started.and dont close emulator everytime just close that small SDK PROGRESS window in that just press abort process..

    try this

    Ajay Prajapati
    Mobile Software Developer

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    Re: Emulator opens and terminates immediately

    I don't know window 7, but in 2003 server i solved this problem in the following mode:

    go to My Computer --> Property --> Advanced --> Settings (Performance) --> Data Execution Prevent TAB.
    Here you can add the epoc.exe at the list.

    This in 2003 server...
    Hope this helps...

    P.S.: Nobody knows the symbian error -15? I'm still waiting a response on my post...

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