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    Overflow when playing sound


    I'm having a problem with the Series 40 phones, 7210 & 5100 so far.

    The following code prdouces a global root overflow, I have tried this code outside of a thread to further narrow it down.
    public void playSound(int freq, int dur, int volume){
    new Thread(){
    public void run(){
    Sound snd = new Sound(freq, dur);
    if(volume != 0)


    Can anyone suggest a work around or a better way of doing it.

    It's in a thread to avoid the game pausing while the sound is being played

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    It is hard to determine exact cause for root overflow from the code snippet you provided. My educated guess is that you create too fast too many objects (Threads). Probably garbage collector can't remove unreferenced objects before object reference space is exhausted.

    My only suggestion would be that you create a separate thread for game engine and let the sounds to be played as they are needed without creating a thread.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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