Hello I'd like to confirm something please. Id like to write a javame application and install it on my 5800 xpress music mobile. the application is supposed to
1- accept an image from another mobile (suppose its xpress and has the same app installed in it) where that image will b saved in a special directory not the default directory which is IMAGES.
2- compares the name of the image in that directory to the name of the images on an ftp server meaning it'll have to access it using the wireless network that i have.
3- i enter the name of hte image in a txt box. i dont nwat to use web browsers. the application takes that name and checks to see if any of the images have an identical name. if so i get a YES msg else NO.

This is possible right? How i'll leave to another day. But for now, someone with enough knowledge can write such a program right?
If yes perhaps a guideline or two? If not then how can i make it happen?