Currently, I am experiencing issues with the phone's web browser and I am wondering if this is a known issue? These are the steps that end user would follow:

The user receives an sms which includes an html download link for the application SIS file.
The user opens the SMS in the native messaging application and clicks on the link. As expected, this starts the installed web browser which then begins to download the SIS file. Once that is finished, the installer is started to install the application.

The issue I am experience is the following:
On some devices, as soon as the download of the SIS is finished, the web browser crashes without any message and the installer is never invoked.
The crash only occurs for some firmwares, not for others, It only occurs when invoking the link from the SMS.

Copying/Pasting the URL into the web browser works!

For the N96:
Firmware 12.043 does NOT show the problem
Firmware 20.050 DOES show the problem

I am wondering if someone can shed some light on this?