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    Problem In retriving the Number

    Hi All,

    This is the following code snippet I am using to get the number(BOLD LIne) using MTM.

    The problem is that when there is the contact associaled with the number the (bold line) gives
    just the Name present in the contact.And using this contact name when I programtically
    send the sms it just get stuck in the Outbox.

    So is there any way to get the number rather then the contact name.??

    CMsvEntry* serverEntry = iSession->GetEntryL( entries->At(0) );
    // Set entry context to the new message
    if ( serverEntry->Entry().iMtm != KUidMsgTypeSMS ||!serverEntry->Entry().Complete() )
    CMsvStore* store = serverEntry->ReadStoreL();
    TBuf<50> num(serverEntry->Entry().iDetails);

    Pllzzzzz some pointers.


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    Re: Problem In retriving the Number

    You could try CSmsMessage/CSmsPDU::ToFromAddress or CSmsHeader::FromAddress.

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