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    BrCtl, delete cookies

    Hi folks,

    Is there any way to delete cookies accepted by BrCtl object?

    PS. I'm writting app under S60v5 platform

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    Re: BrCtl, delete cookies


    The API to manipulate cookies is not part of the public SDK but can be found in the source code of the open source S60WebKit project (the latest S60 web browser is based on S60WebKit).


    "S60WebKit Project"



    Ziteng Chen

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    Re: BrCtl, delete cookies

    Hi chenziteng,

    Thank you for your pointing.

    S60WebKit is a great thing.

    I've traced through the sources that CBrCtlInterface::ClearCache should clear all cookies too.
    However I see cookies persist after ClearCache call in the same instance and longer. I see they are in the next app start.

    May be I miss something?

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