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    Support request by Launchpad member


    my firm Excelbian is a Launchpad member and we need high quality TTS on Series 60 third edition fp1 and Series 60 third edition.
    For this we submitted a support request. This request is now processed and we want to give some answers to questions asked by Nokia Support per email.

    The mails sent by Nokia Support are in the form of automated mail and they should not be replied to.
    In stead we should use a service request page situated at the Support Center Website.
    But this page is only accessible by Forum Nokia Pro member which we are not.
    So we are now in a deadlock situation.
    Please, advise us how to get out of this situation.

    Kind regards,

    Andre van Wieringen
    Excelbian Software.

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    Re: Support request by Launchpad member

    Presumably you have created the support request using the same web based application so you have been able to use it at least once.

    The Technical Support web tool is accessible to any developer (no need for Pro or Launchpad membership) however for reasons related to site's security for online payments it is located in the "Pro" section of the web site.

    So, just access http://pro.forum.nokia.com, log in with your eStore account and then view your current support and API partnering support cases.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Support request by Launchpad member

    Hi Lucian,

    thank you for your quick answer.
    I have followed your advice and I am now able to answer the questions asked by Nokia Support.

    Andre van Wieringen
    Excelbian Software

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