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    Memory card data corrupted in E71! Salvage files?

    Hi, everyone. I've encountered a weird problem today on my E71. When I took the phone out from my pocket, I noticed that my theme is gone (it's installed on the memory card) and so I used the built-in File Manager to look at the memory card. Sure enough, everything was gone! Instead, several folders were created as if the memory card was reformatted.

    Now here's the weird part. There is a file in the card that has the size of 1GB, and it is simply named "p" with no file extension. There are also 2 more strange files in the root directory with unrecognizable file names (some weird encoding), one is 0KB and one is 987KB. I suspect that my old files (pictures, music, video, SMS, etc) are in the "p" file, because there is no other reason a single file has such big memory size.

    My question is: Is it still possible to salvage my old files from the memory card? If so, how?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Memory card data corrupted in E71! Salvage files?

    Connect your phone in USB Data Transfer mode to the PC you usually do (or just put the card into the reader you usually use), and check its contents this way. If you see your files, copy everything to the PC (it is a good idea to enable displaying system/hidden files/folders, and make a backup of them as well), format the memory card using the device, and copy the files back.

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