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    About GPS coordinates conversion issues: Is projection formula required?

    hi guys,

    I've been developing a GPS application for my personal interest.

    The aim of my application is that with the obtained GPS latitude and longitude in degrees and minutes, I will need to convert and map them by plotting a point onto the local map which I've captured from google earth so they can pin point my exact location on the map area.

    So far, everything seems okay besides the map plotting problem. Is there a standard formula for such conversion so I can pin point on the exact location?

    Do I require a projection formula to convert the gps coordinates onto flat map (screenshot of google earth).

    Any help are much appreciated. Thanks in advance


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    Re: About GPS coordinates conversion issues: Is projection formula required?

    Yes, you have to compensate for the map projection. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Map_projection for some reference points.

    What I don't understand however is why don't you use the converted data directly. Google's map tiles must be under the same license as the Google Earth captures. Not to mention other map data providers such as OpenStreetMap (free) or Navteq (commercial).
    -- Lucian

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