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    [moved] RFID Reader Reach?

    I would like to know in average how far is the reach of the RFID readers in the Nokia mobiles? And if there is any specific model that has the longest reach and what that model and reach are?
    Thank you.
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    Re: [moved] RFID Reader Reach?

    There are just 2 NFC Mobile Phone:
    - Nokia 6131;
    - Nokia 6212;

    I think the best one is the oldest, the Nokia 6131 NFC. The 6212 does not have a good antenna and is mounted on the bottom part of the mobile phone.

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    Re: [moved] RFID Reader Reach?

    The range is very limited. Something like 1cm for the 6131 and even less for the 6212 (it's easier to just touch the tag).

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