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    SD Card Encryption in Symbian


    Are there any API available for sdcard,files encryption on S60 phones.

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    Re: SD Card Encryption in Symbian

    RFs has some Lock/UnlockDrive and Erase/ClearPassword method-set. They require DiskAdmin capability, so they are a bit hard to experiment with.

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    Re: SD Card Encryption in Symbian

    Some device's such as E71/E66 also would have OMA DM functionality for disk encryption, All APIs though are none public for them.

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    Re: SD Card Encryption in Symbian

    Locking the card is not the same as encrpyting it unfortunatly and it can still be read via 3rd party card readers.

    AFAIK there is no encryption solutions aside from the devices Jukka mentioned and even those you are limited to the api exposed by OMA/DM.
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