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    Focus on List using CustomItem

    I am working on j2me app in which i m using CustomItem to draw a list on Form.
    When i scroll on Form means traverse in the focus is blank on device Nokia 5700.
    When again scroll on customlist the focus comes what may be the problem?
    Actually intially user is not able to see list but when he scoll on item then he will
    be able to see the list so that may be the problem as it is not visible in initially as
    i draw only custom list on form this problem is not occur of blank text.
    If anyone knows the solution please let me know .

    Thanks & Regards
    Vilas Talewale

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    Re: Focus on List using CustomItem

    You need to implement showNotify

    protected void showNotify()
    It is Called by the system to notify the item that it is now at least partially visible, when it previously had been completely invisible. The item may receive paint() calls after showNotify() has been called.
    The default implementation of this method does nothing.

    When your customItem is diplayed you can try calling your paint method from showNotify() to show/paint your list.

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    Re: Focus on List using CustomItem

    Thanks im2amit
    As you said call showNotify and in that call paint method.
    the showNotify only call when it resumes or partially visible.
    My condition is intialyy on screen CustomItem is not visible when i scroll downwards and enter in customitem which is not visible intially after event it displays
    blank screen and on next event text get displayed on screen.
    Please tell me other solution u may have
    or examples u know .
    invalidate method says-->
    If the content size is invalidated while the CustomItem is not visible, the layout operation may be deferred.

    Vilas Talewale

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    Re: Focus on List using CustomItem

    Did you configure size inside custom item.just check it and there are many example on google try to search.you can get many
    dont lose hope

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