I've been working with Carbide to create some modules for PyS60, and am now in the process of creating a Qt based application for the N97. For the graphics I use several SVG files that i'd like copied into the area where the app resides (!:/private/xxx), as well as some datefiles that i'd like to be copied to a public area (!:/data/<app>/...). I know how to do this by modifying the .pkg files, but with Qt, the .pkg files are generated from the .pro file...

I mean lines like the one i added on the bottom here:
; Executable and default resource files
"/S60/devices/Nokia_N97_SDK_v1.0/epoc32/release/gcce/urel/app.exe"    - "!:\sys\bin\app.exe"
"/workspace/app/data/readme.txt"    - "!:\data\app\readme.txt"
Can anyone tell me how I can setup the .pro file to add the extra files to the .pkg?