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    N900 and turn by turn directions

    From what I've read online, it sounds as if the N900 (U.S.) will not be released with turn by turn directions. Is this true? Or will it be a paid feature?

    I am on T-mobile and am VERY interested in getting this phone when it is released. However, not including turn by turn directions or the capacity to add that feature via a paid scheme through Ovi would be a deal breaker for me.

    Does anyone have any more knowledge of this?

    Thanks - John

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    Re: N900 and turn by turn directions

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer discussion board, as this DiBo concentrates on development related issues, you might find more end-user problems related Dibo better suited for your query. Here's link for one: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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    Re: N900 and turn by turn directions

    I have seen no indication in N900's product specifications, on nokiausa.com, that Ovi Maps's premium services, such as turn-by-turn navigation, are not supported.
    -- Lucian

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