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Thread: WAP server

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    WAP server

    do i really have to use Nokia Activ server to run my WAP project samples?? is there any other method? how can i consolidate Nokia Activ Server with Jakarta Tomcat & MySQL since my project use both to run.
    Need explanation.


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    If you only develop some simple WAP, you can use the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1 only. No Active Server is needed. But if you need to develop a big project including Tomcat server and MySQL, Nokia Active Server is necessary.

    There are some benefit of using Active Server. It can be used as a WAP gateway, a PPG (with Active Alert), and also a content convertor(you can developer HTML and let it convert to WML automatically). And also, it is possible to let it work for device compensation, i.e., make contents to be adaptive to different terminals. It is a product for enterprises market. If your wireless operators can supply all of these functions, of course it's not needed.

    You can download the trial version of Nokia Activ Server 2.1 from http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,030,00.html. Its programmer's guide and administration guuide docs give detail description of how to integrate it with a Web server, such as Tomcat.
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    In my experience you don't need the Nokia Activ server. We just integrated the wml code in jsp code and found us self another wap simulator. That should do it.

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