I work for a software house. A number of our clients have expressed interest in being able to gather/edit data on PDAs.

We've developed a prototype Java app which runs on various platforms (with minor recompilation), including Symbian Crystal.

I've used the Nokia 9210 SDK for the Symbian Platform, Version 1, which I obtained on CD a couple of years ago.

I have two questions...

1) We would now like to be able to install the CD on other PC's for other programmers to do some development work, but the licence on the CD does not permit this, and the CD is no longer available.

Can we obtain permission to reuse the CD? Can we get hold of further copies? Could we use any of the currently available downloads instead (http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35...ml&fileID=2261 perhaps?), and if so will that be compatible, for overwriting the CD installation?

2) We would now like to be able to install the emulator on our consultant's laptops, to be able demo the Java App to potential clients. They do not need the full SDK. Is it possible to install just that part?

If not, we could live with the full installation, as in (1), but again, we want to be clear that we are not breaking the licence agreement.

Thanks in advance.