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    Sending sms with port

    Hi all !

    Actually i'm trying to send and receive sms with my application.
    I would have :

    GSM "A" Sending sms through port number 3334 (and receinving on 3333).
    GSM "B" Receiving sms through port number 3334 (and sending on 3333).

    But It doesn't work... I think that the receiving is not working, because on my LG phone, I can see an animated icon that mean it's sending the message...

    When I start my application on the GSM "B" (In fact, it's the same GSM but I run the other application (B)), nothing is received...

    So... My first question is :
    If someone send a message : sms://12354646:3334, it doesn't matter when the reader would read the message (1 or 2 hours after, it means that the sms is stored in the SMS-C)... or Both sender and receivers are to be "online" (with a running app) ?

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    Re: Sending sms with port

    Both sender and receiver must be online.but if you want receiver should not be online you have to use push registry which invoke your application when it receive sms on port you mention.if you need help there is an example in your toolkit to send and receive sms it will help you surely.
    dont lose hope

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    Smile Re: Sending sms with port

    hi frnd,
    if you want to send sms to any user that sms will go into Inbox of mobile phone.if you specify port number to 0.
    if you specifed any port number then this sms will go to that port .so you have to install your application on destination side also with same port number..Otherwise it will not recieved by any application..

    Ajay Prajapati
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    Re: Sending sms with port

    You need to use Push Registry to Register both of your different apps to listen to these 2 different port no but putting PushRegistry entry in the JAD files and installing the apps OTA.

    Now when you send the SMS on a port no to the same device using 1 app; the moment this SMS hits back the device the same GSM device, it will launch the other app which is listening to the port for which the SMS was send and you can read it using WMA message Connection.


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