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Thread: Parsing a file

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    Parsing a file

    Dear all,

    I have few queries:

    I need to read a 6k file and keep it memory and use it for later purpose. Also i have to parse the input contents. The contents are comma separated values. May have to read based on searching a particular string say for example IP= and PORT=. I have done this is C. Read about lexican parsing but which is the best way to go about.
    I have to parse these contents and fill them in a structure and use it in my application.
    Can someone shed some lights....

    I have to do memory compare operation pointer increment operation and memory copy operations.
    any examples for this purpose....

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    Re: Parsing a file

    You should never multipost, so leats stick with the other thread: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=182278

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