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    I have hide application icon from installed apps folder by using this line of code "hidden = KAppIsHidden;" in TestApp_reg.rss file and My application in hide successfully, now i want to hide application icon on some condition base, e.g
    if(condition True)
    //Include above line of code in reg.rss file
    hidden = KAppIsHidden;
    // dont include above line of code in reg.rss file.

    How can i use this line of code or anyother solution to do that ?

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    Re: Hide/Unhide Application Icon

    Not really doable, since you would require AllFiles (And possible TCB as well) to modify the registration infromation after it has been installed into the device.

    One bad hack though exists, in that you would install the registration resource file in separate Sis file, and install/uninstall it silently according to your logic, anyhow, never tested that, so it works currently only in theory..

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