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    [moved] How to debug Console Exe from GUI application in TRK?


    Please tell me that How to debug ConsoleExe application from GUI application using TRK Application.

    I have E71 Mobile device and one GUI application which is i am able to debug using TRK application, but From this GUI application I am calling process for ConsoleEXE application and using TRK I am not able test this EXE.

    How to set this features please tell me.
    1. Debug ConsoleEXE/DLL from GUI application using TRK.
    2. How to pass commandline arguments from TRk.


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    Re: How to debug Console Exe from GUI application in TRK?

    Just create a debug configuration to it:
    "Run" menu, "Debug Configurations...", select the group "Symbian OS Application TRK", add a new one (right click+new, or the first icon on the top), select the project, the executable, the .sisx file in "Installation", and you can specify the command line arguments in "Arguments" (or at least that is what I think).

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    Re: [moved] How to debug Console Exe from GUI application in TRK?


    I want to test console application with two arguments using TRK debugging application.
    but when i write following way under argument Tab than not able to receive any argument.

    -y -i C:\\Data\\Videos\\Test.ogg -vn -acodec libfaac C:\\Data\\Videos\\Test.aac

    int main (int argc, char **argv)
    char g;
    printf("Hello OpenC\n");
    printf("No. of arg = %d\n",argc);
    printf("First is = %s\n", argv[0]);
    printf("First is = %s\n", argv[1]);
    printf("First is = %s\n", argv[2]);

    g = getchar();

    Anybody knows that where I am going on wrong way to pass argument in console application using TRK debugging?

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