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    Question General development question

    Hello, I would like to develop custom application for my Nokia 5800 device. As my everyday work I work with Visual Studio 2008 programming with C#.

    I never learned Java, so I'm not sure if need to learn to to programm applications for Nokia device.

    Also, I'll be very greatfull if anyone could at least guide me as what I need to learn.

    I've tried to read the Nokia content but it seems that it is a bit more complicated for me or my English level is not high enough...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: General development question

    For experimenting you could check http://www.redfivelabs.com

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    Re: General development question

    Some information about developing .NET apps on Symbian devices (i.e. S60) can be found on the Symbian developer website: http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/in...nical_Overview with links to further resources on that page.

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