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    6212 not available any more in Italy!

    Hello, we have just finished to develop an NFC application on 6212 for a customer who needs to buy 55 of them.
    After placing an order and waiting for a month, Nokia Italia has cancelled the order, complaining that it's not available any more.

    We all know that 6216 should be out soon...but...when, really ?

    For the project we are working on, it's a disaster.
    At present we can't buy either 6212, or 6216, and investing a lot of time and money is very risky.

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    Re: 6212 not available any more in Italy!

    It seems to be the same problem in sweden. I've spent a whole day on the phone trying to get hold of someone at Nokia that knows something about this. We need 20 phones before 25th of november for a project.

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    Re: 6212 not available any more in Italy!

    I am also developing a project and I could not get cell phones 6212, I have not found throughout Europe.
    I lost money and time developing software do I need my cell nokia 6212.

    When news of the new cell phone 6216??,,

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