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    USB connectivity

    I have a nokia 6255i and for the first time I hooked up a USB cable to it. It got recognized by the computer and on the phone but when it says to connect through USB it prompts me with a password. I just got off the phone with nokia "tech support" and they told me just to take the battery out and unplugged for a half hour to and hour. They said that it should not ask me for a password. Is there anyway around it?

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    Re: USB connectivity

    anyway around what? What part of removing the battry didnt you understand? That must be how you get around the password, but then one must ask if thats all you need to do in order to remove the password off the phone what is the point of having this password in the first place? Its kind of like setting a BIOS password in a computer really, pointless.

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    Re: USB connectivity

    I think waiting the half hour just clears the USB port from asking for the password when there was no password to start with.

    Anyway try asking this on the product discussion board http://www.nokia.com/discussions/ this is not the correct forum as it is devoted to developer's support.


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