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    Auto-launch does not work in some cases

    Hello all,

    I've been struggling with this for a long time. We have an application that starts on phone boot. (This is for older 2nd edition phones, specifically, 6630, 6680 and N70.) The auto-start function works perfectly well on most handsets, but there is a small number, on which the application does not start. I can see the launcher starting up but then the main app doesn't start at all. On average, I find about 1 device out of 50 or so would have this problem. Thinking this may be a firmware issue, we even tried re-flashing these with generic Nokia firmware - but the problem is still present.

    The application is for our internal company needs and is running on the company's handsets, which we buy second-hand from various sources.

    Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Auto-launch does not work in some cases

    It might be some race condition, where some servers have not been (fully) started yet, so the application can not be started neither.
    You can experiment with various fixes, ranging from a few second-wait (using a simple User::After) before the launch attempt to active object-based magics (which could also be a simple RTimer::After - just in a non-blocking way -, but you could also check for known applications to start - for example if the 'main' phone app has been started, there are really good chances for any other application to succeed in starting as well).

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