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    Exclamation Index out of bound Error!!!!!

    Hi friends,

    I've written a program for sending SMS. I have RMS record which all my phone numbers are stored init.
    Now, my problem is deleting one record. this is my segment code:

    public void DeletePhoneNumberFromDatabase()
    int noe = lsDatabase.size();
    boolean selected;

    for(int i = 1; i <= noe; i++)
    selected = lsDatabase.isSelected(i); // <<<=====
    catch(IndexOutOfBoundsException e)
    System.out.println("Out of bound exception occured.");
    after simulating when i want to want one record from list, program jumps to catch and show me that message. please, tell me what is my mistake.

    the other thing is why Netbeans can't save my RMS records and each time that i run my program, i should to write my phones, while mobile can keep my records?


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    Smile Re: Index out of bound Error!!!!!

    hi frnd,

    in RMS deleting is problem.if you delete any data then that place is not assigned to any other data.if you try to access it will throw exception.
    you can try this way also don't delete data insert that place some symbol like and special character.
    when you are retrieving any record then check that character if it is there then skip that record.

    Ajay Prajapati
    Mobile Software Developer

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