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Thread: N97 Questions

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    N97 Questions

    Hi, there,

    I am thinking of buying a N97, but have the following questions want to know about:

    1. Can I change the battery of N97? or it's like iPhone that battery is sealed?
    2. can I remove the Facebook widget?
    3. can I store the map for GPS in micro SD card? or it must be stored in internal memory?
    4. can the email attachment be opened directly?
    5. can N97 support extended office document types? such as .docx, .pptx, xlsx
    6. I am using 6230, every time I change the battery or the SIM card, the time and date are reset to default and I have to correct them. Does N97 have this problem too?

    I would appreciate any one can answer my questions. Thanks.

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    Re: N97 Questions

    If you have any development related question then ask it here. For such end user product questions you should ask here: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/
    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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