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    Camera field of view problem


    I have a problem using the camera API. When I take a picture using this API, the picture I get has the correct orientation when the phone is held upright. However, this is not the case for the camera application integrated in the phone. In this application, the picture has the correct orientation when the phone is held in landscape mode.

    The problem is that with the CCamera API the width of the image is the height of the image taken by the integrated camera application. So when I ask for a 640x480 image in the CCamera API, I actually get a 480x360 image which is rescaled to a 640x480 image, so the field of view is much narrower.

    I do not know if I am clear, here is a diagram that illustrates what I talked about.

    Does anyone know how to take a picture through the CCamera the same way that the integarted application does?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Camera field of view problem

    You could use the New file service API included in the API-plugin, and actually then use the native implementation of thye camera, and you would then get the image readily saved into a file when user exits the camera and goes back to your app.

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    Re: Camera field of view problem

    Thank you for your reply. The images are actually grabbed in real time by my application so I cannot use the native camera application.

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