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    RSendAsMessage::SendMessage, 5800

    Hi folks,

    I'm using RSendAs and RSendAsMessage for sending emails. Short text plus file which size is about 20kb.
    RSendAsMessage::SendMessage request completes in two or more minutes.
    When I send such file from File Manager it happens more quick.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: RSendAsMessage::SendMessage, 5800

    Investigated more.
    Exact use-case looks like this:
    1. Start CPeriodic timer with Idle priority, interval 200 msecs. On tick, redraw container (animation, operation status controls)
    2. Call asynchronous RSendAsMessage::AddAttachment, Active object has Standard priority.
    Now I'll never achived end of AddAttachment operation until I stop animation or stop redrawing window.
    Just tried to reduce redraw area. It also helps but I don't know what I'm fighting again and when it will fail again.

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