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    Vertical scrolling text with background


    im searching for a solution to scroll text vertically in an endless loop in front of a graphic background (like the end of a film). I need that for a highscore and credits-screen. Has anyone an idea or an url for a code example to start with? Thanks and


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    Hi !

    What about making an offscreen-Image which is text.height() pixels higher than the Canvas. You then Place your first Lines of Text into it & make the "softscrolling" when painting the Image (alter the Y Position).

    You'll have to do an g.drawImage(mytext,0,getHeight()-yscroll,ALIGN_BOTTOM|ALIGN_LEFT); and you're done (yscroll means the "softscrolling", Range [0..text.height()-1] )
    And dont forget to time the scrolling !

    Hope this works for you,


    Bjoern Sunder

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