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    Unable to connect to Nokia Activ Server 2.1 using Mobile Internet Toolkit 3

    Posted by ravi vedala, ravivedala@strabus.com
    on March 02, 2002 at 13:11

    I am a new WAPpie. I have developed a small WAP application which will insert records into the database and fetches the same. I would like to establish the following configuration:

    Using NokiaMobileBrowser(NMB)of Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit, I would like to connect to the Nokia Activ Server 2.1 (WAP GATEWAY).
    If I give the following URL in the NMB, http://localhost:8080/wml/top.jsp
    my intention is: the request should go to the WAP Gateway (Nokia Activ Server 2.1) and the gateway should in turn forward the request to the web server(tomcat) running on the same machine. In the ToolKit preferences I had selected WAP GateWay Connection for the Server Simulator. When I give the above mentioned URL in the address bar of the toolkit,the simulator is showing the following error message: unable to reach the gateway. Following is the configuration I gave for the gateway, in the toolkit:
    ip address : (machine is in LAN) (also tried with localhost)
    I selected almost all the different types of connection modes. Using the Nokia Activ Server Manager, I had enabled the WAP connectivity too. I am not getting where I am hanging out. Can anybody help me?

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    RE: Unable to connect to Nokia Activ Server 2.1 using Mobile Internet Toolkit 3

    Posted by Mobile Internet Toolkit Team, wap.toolkit@nokia.com
    on March 05, 2002 at 17:56

    Some suggestions:

    - Look at the Toolkit log window, with level set on full, to see if the ServerSimulator starts. The SS output goes to this window. Look for "Traffic started" message. If it's not there, the SS didn't start for some reason.
    - Set the gateway address to "" on the Toolkit for local gateways.
    - Try loading http://toolkit/cmd/ping. This is intercepted by the SSim and it should return a WML page that displays "Server Simulator is running". This only works on ServerSimulator, not Nokia Active Server.
    - You CANNOT run both the server simulator and a full Nokia Active Server on the same host! Choose one or the other.
    - Turn up the server logging levels in the config files to "7" and restart the server. Look at the error.log file in the logs directory in the server directory for indications of what's going wrong.

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