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    Urgent!! Can any1 tell me how to start building an application on Nokia 7650

    hi all,

    I'm new to this group. Can any1 tell how do i start on for building some financial application on to Nokia 7650
    I think the 1st thing is installing 'PC Suite' software with came with Nokia 7650 CD
    After that may be installing jdk for java development J2ME or Borland C++ builder.
    Start building the application just as making a normal PC application.
    Later if everything tested fine, port it to Nokia 7650 ??

    Pl. corrent me if I'm wrong somewhere .....

    Do i need Sybian OS to be installed anywhere ??

    Also suggest what would be the better option to start building the application, Borland C++ Builder or J2ME or something else ????

    Thanks in anticipation,


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